Monthly Archives: November 2011

Up And Running

Well, we got it basically the best we could get it for now. While we still have to add a couple more pictures of the covers of the books, we’re really done here. We’ve set out on a mission to provide as much information about the series as possible, since that information can’t be found anywhere else. We hope that we have provided you with that information, and if you are wanting to know anything else about the series, let us know! If you can come up with a question we couldn’t think of, please ask us! We’ll try to get the info for you, but really, everything we could find out about Turbo Cowboys is on this site.

Also, the digital copies of the books is underway and soon they’ll be available. Where from, we can’t say 😉

Stay tuned.


I’d like to welcome you to the only website dedicated to the young adult book series from the late 1980s, the Turbo Cowboys. My name is Matt Roberts and I am a fan of the series. Another fan, Jonathan, recently contacted me and has supplied me with some very cool info on the books and the author, Tony Phillips. With the info he’s given me and the info I hope to soon get myself, hopefully this website will be a one stop shop for all info regarding the series and the author, something that is EXTREMELY difficult to come by.

This site is currently a work in progress, but it should be done in the next couple of days, hopefully. Until then, the About Page has been updated with a little bit of info, but the rest is sure to come. Thanks for stopping by.