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The Ebooks Are Back

Thanks for waiting so long to get back to these, but I finally got some copies from site visitor Sktripwire and have uploaded them to my own Dropbox. Now you can download all of them in one link! Head on over to The Ebooks post and get your download on!

Site Update

EBOOKS UPDATE! It has come to my attention that the ebooks download links no longer work. I’m working to correct that, sorry for the inconvenience.

Second, I have been notified by a visitor that he has books 1, 3, and 5 available for sale, if anyone is interested. He said to contact him at You can view his comment here.

Thanks guys!

Thanks Chet!

While trying to do some research on a possible third author of the Turbo Cowboys books, John Read, I emailed both of the other authors to see if they knew anything about him. Chet Cunningham responded and said, “As far as I know there was no other authors on the series… never heard of John Read… I did only three books in the series that I remember. Maybe a forth, not sure. Long time ago.”

I also emailed Ballantine Books to see if I could get any information on the series that they might be able to give me, but like the first time I emailed them, I have yet to get a response, and probably won’t. I’ll keep harassing them though.

I’m only guessing here, but there’s probably no John Read. I can’t find any information on an author by that name that looks even possible of being an author of the Turbo Cowboys. So unless that’s a pen name too, which I would doubt, then there probably wasn’t a third author and the website I got that info from is most likely wrong. After all, the two other authors we do know about have already claimed all 10 books between them, and I think they would know better than almost anybody. Except for Ballantine, who still hasn’t responded.

A Special Thanks

I’d like to give another special thanks to a long-time fan of the Turbo Cowboys for helping me finish the list of books by sending me pictures of the two covers I needed. Now that page is complete, finally!

Thank you Roger Barker for your help with that, and for sharing a picture of your complete collection! I can’t say I’m not envious.


Thank You

I put this site together on a whim when Jon contacted me on Amazon and told me he wanted to put together some ebooks of the series. I knew then that we weren’t the only people who would remember the series, but I had no idea just how many fans are still out there wishing these books were more easily accessible and not so costly online. I’ve been blown away by all of the people who have stopped by since I created this site and continue to tell me how much they love this series and how glad they are that this site is up. It truly means a lot to me, and I’m glad I’m not alone! Thank you so much for helping Jon and I keep this series alive! And if you haven’t yet, make sure you get your hands on the ebooks Jon made for us! I’m working on getting them saved to this site, if it’s possible, so that if Jon needs the space in his Dropbox for other things he can lighten the load a bit. Until then, get your copies with these links!

Books 1-7,9-10
Book 8

The Ebooks

The ebook situation has finally been fixed and now it’s down to just one link! If you would like to download all 10 ebooks of the Turbo Cowboys, click this link! Thanks, Sktripwire!

Turbo Cowboys #1: Jump Start

Thanks again Jon, you definitely rule! And for the rest of you, enjoy the books! I know I will!

Turbo Cowboys #7: Night Riders

Official words: This is not an official working of the Turbo Cowboys, and these ebooks are not official copies. This site is only a fan site and is not affiliated with the Turbo Cowboys, the original publisher, or anything else related to this series.

Book Covers

Every now and then I do a little checking on our favorite Cowboys. Just now I discovered this little blog is the number two and three results on a Google search for Turbo Cowboys. The first spot belongs to Jump Start on Amazon.

I also noticed the picture I took for Jump Start for use on this site is now being used by another site, Library Thing, which I think is cool! My copy of a Turbo Cowboys book cover is being used elsewhere on the net! It’s the little things, people.

Lastly, I’m doing some updating around here because it’s needed. It has always been needed. I wanted to do it as soon as I created this site and always put it off. Now I’m getting to it, or at the very least going to try to. So you may see some changes by your next visit. First and foremost, I’m going to finally add all of the book covers on the books page. If I can find them all, that is. EDIT: I still need the covers to Speed Shift and City Of Glass. If any of you have those books and would like to contribute pictures of the covers to the site, send them to me at mattroberts79 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Lastly, every now and then we get new visitors to the site, old fans who have found us in the hopes of learning something new about their favorite childhood book series, and I’m glad they can find that info here. I’m really happy and proud of this little community of fans we’ve gathered, and I welcome all old fans/new visitors to the site!