The Authors

The Turbo Cowboys are cited as being written by Tony Phillips, a pen name. The real authors of the series are Paul Bagdon and Chet Cunningham.

Info on the authors pulled from their respective websites:

Chet Cunningham – Chet is an American author from San Diego, California, who once had a book written and sold in just five days. He’s been writing since the late 1960s and has published over 300 books. He’s a former newspaper writer, so he’s always writing and says he does not believe in writer’s block (I wish I didn’t!). His advice on how long a novel should be, “A novel is like a pretty woman’s skirt: it should be long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to make it interesting.” Please visit his website, here. Chet wrote the first four books in the series, Jump Start, Spin Out, Full Throttle, Spark Fire.

Paul Bagdon – Paul is an American author from Rochester, NY. His first novel sale was to a young adult science fiction series published by Ballantine Books (sound familiar?). Since then he’s written 27 other books and has won awards for his western writing. He teaches writing in New York and is a man for hire, who now offers a variety of services to those looking to be published. Please visit his website, here. From what I could gather, Paul wrote the last six books of the series, Super Charge, Rat Trap, Night Riders, Speed Shift, Duster Trouble, City Of Glass.

A third author, John Read, who supposedly wrote book #6 Rat Trap, is still being researched, but is most likely not a real author and had nothing to do with the series. Info for him could not be found anywhere and Chet Cunningham said he was unaware of a third author. If any info is found on John Read, it’ll be put here. 11/13/15

I got conflicting information from different sources about who wrote the books. Chet Cunningham isn’t sure if he wrote three or four books because of how long ago it was, but Paul Bagdon told me he wrote the last six. The possible third author would have written a book in between the last six that Paul wrote, and that doesn’t make much sense to me, so I’m betting there was no third author. I got the third author info from another website, and it is most likely wrong. That info can be found at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

The info posted on this site is most likely the correct info. Which is why this site comes up first in Google searches for the Turbo Cowboys! Thanks to both Chet Cunningham and Paul Bagdon for their contributions to both this info and the Turbo Cowboys!

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